Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures (2020-21)

Image: Chen Pin Tao, Temple of Physiotology, 2019 (video still, courtesy of the artist)

videoclub and Videotage (Hong Kong) are excited to present Both Sides Now 6: Viral Futures, the latest edition of our long-term annual project. This edition aims to reflect on life with/after COVID-19 and explores how viruses continually affect our present and future. With events including digital residencies, physical and online screenings, and talks from November 2020 to February 2021.

In August 2020, the science publication Nature announced, “COVID-19 is here to stay”, a prophetic declaration, and still relevant, even with the hope of vaccines.  We took this statement as inspiration for our thematic title of Viral Futures for the sixth edition of Both Sides Now. Through Both Sides Now 6 we explore notions of viral phenomena; from ideas and the ways in which they are transmitted to technology, reproduction and evolution. Both Sides Now 6 brings together work by 11 artists in a curated programme of film and video from across the globe.

We have two week-long exhibitions, curated by videoclub and Videotage. The two programmes represent two types of viral phenomena, that of the body (biological), and the technological, both combined with the endemic nature of politics. The two programmes are:

Technology/Politics : 25-31 January 2021

Featuring the following programme of work:

徐世琪 Angela Su – Cosmic Call (2019)

Bob Bicknell-Knight – There are already 35 server farms on Mars. It is the perfect temperature. (2017)

陸揚 Lu Yang – Cancer Baby (2014)


Clifford Sage – Buddha Geometry Brain Toy (2017)

Body/Politics : 22-28 February 2021

Featuring the following programme of work:

Adrian Garcia Gomez – Primavera (2020)

John Walter – A Virus Walks Into a Bar (2018)

白雙全 Pak Sheung Chuen – Breathing in a House (2006)

蔡琪玟 Cattin Tsai – Memes 2020 (2020)

陳品陶 Chen Pin Tao – Temple of Physiotology (2019)

To find out more about the artists and read synopses of their work, go to this webpage.

Online residencies

As part of Both Sides Now 6, we had two resident artists, Clifford Sage and Angela Su, who participated in residencies in November 2020, and who are showing work as part of Vital Capacities now, in the Inside Your Body exhibition. Their residency studios and exhibition can be seen here:

Screening in Hong Kong

A live screening of the programme will take place in Hong Kong, date to be confirmed (due to Covid-19 restrictions). Go to this webpage for further details and to keep an eye on the date.

About Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now is a tactical programme partnership between Videotage (HK) and videoclub (UK). Which uses contemporary and historical film and video work to explore developments within the culture and society of Hong Kong, China, and the UK, and beyond.

Supported by Arts Council England and Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Produced by This is Wyld.